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When holding a wedding, of course, the most important thing is to get married. But you're also the host of a very big party, and you have to play that role. The moment you welcome these guests, the host begins. 

Esther Lee, senior editor of Knot magazine, said: "for the wedding welcome bag, we suggest three things: salute to your wedding place, important details of the weekend and nod to your love story." 

Most importantly, the creativity of these gifts should also be used to commemorate the guests who come to celebrate the newlyweds."this is likely to set the tone for the weekend wedding guests, so make sure your loved ones are properly greeted and excited about the coming wedding," Li suggested. " 

Here is your welcome bag that can include making a good first impression on your weekend. 

No matter where your guests stay on weekends, it's important to make them feel at home. Guests will like the simple theme label on each candle. Each gold candle tin comes personalized with your information. 

"fill your welcome bag with comfortable gifts, such as custom candles and matches, and think of them as gifts for your family. It shows that you put your time and mind into their preferences, and you want your guests to feel comfortable visiting you and celebrating with you, "says Kelly Carlson, the boss of the Global Wedding Academy." 

If you and your partner are famous pet lovers among your guests, consider giving your pet baby an interesting welcome. Because your pet deserves to have fun, too! 

"it's a good way to include them without making them feel stressed," Carlson suggests.There are a lot of options on Etsy, and artists will play your beloved pet in their own way. " 

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China custom paper bag logo printed

A good way to introduce your out-of-town guests to your wedding scene is to provide local wine or craft beer. These personalized wine labels are fully customizable and can be printed at home. 

"it's a gift you know they'll make good use of, whether it's continuing to party in a hotel room after the reception or a long time after the weekend as a souvenir. We recommend personalized bottles with custom labels for an emotional touch! Heather Jones (Heather Jones), director of catering sales at Wente Vineyards, advises. 

London, England-they are called Fu bag bags. At the beginning of each year, thousands of Japanese wait in line for hours to get a "lucky bag". "but they never know what they're going to get. A package can contain everything from clothing to cosmetics to food, and they don't have to be low-end goods. Luxury brands such as Burberry (Burberry), Armani (Armani), Versace (Versace) and Tori Birch (Tory Burch) are among them. 

Made up of two Japanese words-fuku means "good luck" and bukuro means "bag"-these mysterious candy bags were originally a way for Japanese department stores to handle old inventory. Fukuoka writer Brandon (Brandon Chin) said: "if you like, it can be said that the internal mystery has helped retailers complete a 'New year's cleaning'." But today, they are seen as symbols of good luck-the idea that shoppers can enjoy similar luck throughout the year by welcoming the new year with a booming start-making it an annual shopping spree across the country. 

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custom paper bag with logo Factory

Now, some beauty brands are learning from Japan's marketing strategy to launch their own mysterious suits outside Japan. 

Beautylish was one of the first sites to discover the opportunity six years ago-its mystery bag goes on sale every Boxing Day and shipped to customers in early January. The bag, which sells for $75, contains more than $150 worth of full-size products, including bestsellers, new products, limited editions and past seasons, according to Nils Johnson (Nils Johnson), co-founder and CEO of Beautylish. "some of the bags are particularly lucky and the prizes are worth more," he told BoF:. " 

Choosing between paper bags and non-woven bags to promote your brand is often a difficult and time-consuming task. However, while this sounds like a small decision you have to make, choosing the right type will represent your business model. In this article, you will be able to read why either of these bags is environmentally friendly and good for your business. Let's take a look at the types of plastic bags and why they are all environmentally friendly: 

Nonwoven bags.-what are they? 
Non-woven fabrics can be described as thin or web structures that are bonded together by winding fibers or filaments. This is usually made of non-woven bags, thermal, or chemical.

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